About BATA

Find out what BATA does to raise awareness of Assistive Technology


What BATA does

BATA members are suppliers, AT professionals and  organisations who provide support to individuals with disabilities who need Assistive Technology solutions. We provide an information and signposting service to the public in directing enquiries  to relevant members (and other relevant groups/organisations).

On behalf of our members we represent Assistive Technology interest to government as a grassroots organisation. BATA is not-for-profit. Membership fees pay for our executive director and secretary, our council members are voluntary and serve a term of office.

Our Aims

  • To campaign for the rights and interests of those needing Assistive Technology.
  • To provide expert and impartial support and advice to government departments and agencies.
  • To educate and inform widely on the benefits of Assistive Technology.
  • To promote British Assistive Technology products and expertise at home and overseas.
  • To develop the professionalism of those working with Assistive Technology through codes of practice, education, qualifications, accreditation, certification and networking.

You can play a part too! If you are a supplier or provider of AT services then please consider joining us. We represent our members interests to government and seek to improve the understanding of AT in the UK.

Join us in making a difference to many lives through the use of Assistive Technology.

You can make a difference!

We can make a difference!

Stronger together!


BATA has also formed :-

Strategic Partnerships

BATA, by its very name, is focused on Assistive Technology in Britain. However, we recognise that by working in partnership with organisations that share our ethics and goals we can better achieve our aims, and contribute to the national and international wellbeing of people living with disabilities and long-term health conditions. The following are organisations that we are proud to have worked with to achieve these goals.

Professional Membership Organisations 

  • NADP
  • NNAC
  • Asasa

Company Membership Organisations

  • BDF
  • ENEI
  • BHTA
  • BESA

Lobbying and Government

  • APPG-Disability
  • ODI
  • DRUK

International Organisations

  • BEH
  • DATEurope
  • ATIA
  • IAAP & G3ICT
  • Resna