Assistive Products List Survey


UK AT working together to define the most essential assistive products in the nation today.

GATE-OpA-WhiteBG-L.jpgBATA runs the UK APL survey with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Cooperation Assistive Technology (GATE) Programme. 


We invite you to take the survey today and tell us about the most essential assistive products in your life at:  or download a PDF. 


The UK APL survey enables those using and developing assistive technology (AT) to contribute to a list of the most essential assistive products so that UK policymakers, users and service providers can plan, procure and provide them even more effectively than we already do.

Assistive products promote greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks they were formerly unable to accomplish or had great difficulty accomplishing.

They are in wide use every day in the UK. Ranging widely from spectacles and hearing aids, orthotic shoes and wheelchairs to screen reading software and fall detectors. All of these products and many more are all types of assistive technology (AT).


Which assistive products are in your life?


39. White canes (folding or non-folding) ISO 12.39.03.jpg34. Spectacles for long distance ISO 22.03.06.jpg12. Electrical wheelchairs with postural support ISO 12.23.06.jpg26. Below knee lower limb prosthesis ISO 06.24.09.jpg56. Video communication devices.jpg52. Behind the ear hearing aids ISO 22.06.15.jpg98. Pressure relief cushions ISO 04.33.03.jpg

The current 100 items listed on the survey are a broad selection of the many devices available and represent a model list from the WHO, which we are using as a starting point in creating the first UK specific list. 

Your involvement is valued and by completing this survey your lived experience and opinions will be heard.

If there are products you think should be added to the survey, please tell us about them in the suggestions box at the end.

This is important as it helps us to find out what products should be available as essentials in the UK today. 

43. Screen reader for Smart Phone:tablet.jpg21. Hand splints (cock-up wrist immobilizer) ISO 06.06.12.jpg30. Adjustable walkers for children.jpeg68. Symbols generating software .png14. Foot orthoses (FO) 06.12.03.jpg91. Handrails and support rails 18.18.03.jpg


Why run an APL survey?

The idea of creating a national APL for each nation came from the WHO as a way to highlight the unmet need for AT around the world in the same way that its Essential Medicines List (EML) initiative has successfully raised awareness of the need for equitable access of affordable medicines around the world.

Each country is encouraged to develop a list of products that are considered most essential to their national need. What we need in the UK will be different from another country where the climate, geography and culture vary.  

By collating a national survey, we can find out what assistive products are important to us in the UK, across all areas of life such as education, rehabilitation, or medical care.

For further information on assistive technology and the work begun at the WHO please click here:



What is GATE?

GATE stands for the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology which is a landmark WHO programme. To learn more click here:

The WHO is a United Nations agency. It was established in 1948 after the Second World War and is tasked with taking care of the world’s health. It is based in Geneva and is a global organisation. The UK is a member of the WHO.



Why is BATA undertaking this survey?

The British Assistive Technology Association is a not-for-profit membership organisation of AT experts, committed to advancing standards, rights and addressing issues around AT in the UK.

For further information click here: 

BATA is leading in this initial stage of a UK APL creation because we understand how vital assistive products and services are to almost every individual in the UK today.

We think it is important to establish our national priorities by finding out how many people are using which assistive products and how can we improve access to the products and services around them. We will do this by identifying the barriers and gaps in the current system. 

The UK is only the third nation to carry out an APL survey and the first high-income country to do so. Britain is a world leader in disability rights and assistive technology.

By taking part in the survey you are helping your families, local community, and country today, whilst ensuring we have access to the AT we all need tomorrow.


Who is taking part in the survey?

February 2021 UKAPL Stakeholder _low res Logos (1)-min.png

The British Assistive Technology Association and World Health Organisation GATE Programme are pleased to have received an overwhelmingly positive response from individuals and organisations around the UK and the number of stakeholders joining the initiative continues to grow.

Initial organisational stakeholders aware of the initiative, met on 21st July and have subsequently committed to supporting the UK APL roadmap. The goal is to bring together all those using or connected to AT, to develop a list of assistive products that are essential for living a fully accessible life in the UK today. 

Through establishing this first UK APL, we see that as a newly unified stakeholder community we shall be able to move forward to provide policy makers with the opinions and data they need to help advance equitable access to high-quality AT in the UK.

As a group of stakeholders we will be a space for the voices of the UK AT ecosystem to hear each other’s concerns, and work together to identify what barriers and gaps there are to accessing the most essential assistive products that people need in the UK.


How do I or my organisation get involved?

Individual users and advocates are invited to reach out and share your lived experience opinions. Your voice is important. We want to know your success stories, of how fundamental assistive products are in your life.

We also ask to hear where things are not working, why you cannot access the assistive products you need and how you think this barrier can be taken down.

If you or your organisation would like to become an official stakeholder please contact Esther Dakin-Poole, the UK APL Coordinator by emailing: or complete the online Statement of Collaboration Form.

If you represent an organisation you will be invited to arrange an individual meeting to discuss your work and the change you would like to see achieved for your sector.


What are stakeholder groups?

These are working groups that come together as people with a similar focus to discuss the products in one area, such as mobility or communication. Each stakeholder group will consider the results from the survey and use their specialised experience to combine their data and opinions to discern the most essential products in the final 2020-21 UK Assistive Products List.


Remember, if you wear a pair of reading glasses or orthotics in your shoes, you use AT. Have your say about what you can't live without. Make your voice heard and take the survey today:


Your questions are welcomed. Please contact Esther Dakin-Poole, UK APL Coordinator by email: